St. Paul School

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a Christian learning environment; Catholic, literate and nurturing, which will center our children's beliefs in Jesus Christ, equip each and every child with quality academic skills. Each child will be offered the opportunity to maximize his/her potential, to have a most positive view of self and relationships with others, and to thus live successful lives in high school and later years.

Our focus will be on fostering understanding and appreciation of the mosaic of Jesus' multi-cultural world community, and to allow each student to clearly see their role and contribution to this society.

We will strive to make our parental involvement educationally centered, with parental involvement directed to students and their educational and social well-being. Parents will be responsible for direct involvement in the educational endeavors of children.

To accomplish this, our school will be child centered, focused on differentiated education, complete with staff development and resources to accomplish our goals.

St. Paul School
114 E. 118 Street
New York, NY 10035

Innovation Leaders:
Charles Celauro, Principal
June Correa, Innovation Liaison
Marilou Abad, Literacy Teacher
Monina Correa, Literacy Teacher