Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of learners integrated by students, faculty, parents, and administrators who share a common vision of high academic standards, strong values and a tradition of achievement and success. We will enable our students to become life-long and self-confident learners by providing and promoting the use of research-based academic, cultural and emotional experiences that will take them through a self-discovery process of their own capabilities and potentials. The cornerstone of our educational programs is the celebration of each student's diverse ethnic backgrounds and the construction of bridges for exchange and communication to close the gap between their respective ways of life and the American Culture. Our school will offer high-quality education based on a holistic approach that will incorporate and connect all our curricular programs through the continuous exploration of essential questions and enduring understandings that will prepare our students to successfully meet the challenges of our competitive and complex society.

500 West 138 Street
New York, NY 10031